the wand chooses the wizard

In Movie Reviews on April 23, 2011 at 9:07 am

The wand chooses the wizard

This is about the only line I enjoyed in this movie.  And yes, ‘the wand has feelings’ was the follow-up spoiler for me. Would it be sacrilegious to say that otherwise this muggle felt the entire movie was about deathly shallows?

Shallow in that there was nothing left to create.  All characters have already been explored and created in the past. This was kind of the lifetime finale of the boy wizard and friends. 3D was unnecessary. The movie presented a dark gothic landscape and low light rendition is key, not 3D. Wearing the glasses reduced the low light to a lower light. The missing photons might possibly be detected by a large hadron colidon, but certainly not my awkward looking and heavy active shutter glasses perched on my twitching nose.

At best the effect was supposed to be immersive, at worst it tried hard to pull you into a scene that could not do it itself. All characters were single dimension to a muggle like me, begging you to wear hefty glasses to give them body. I am no Adam Kempennar from filmspotting.   But I agree the film brings us muggles together. But to what purpose? To accept the fact that there is no magic left in us? I resent that classification. It needs a muggle to check out the emperors clothing, does it not? We refuse to wear any glasses while we are at it.

Two emphatic thumbs up from my kids, so I guess it’s deathly gallows for pretentious muggles.

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