Aaj jaane ki zid na karo – Urdu poetry by Faiyaz Hashmi

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Once in a while you hear a soul stirring rendition that stops you on your tracks.  That makes you forget your past and your future.  Actually makes you forget the present too!

This piece here is breathtaking for multiple reasons.  The singer Rohini Ravada, the clarinetist Shankar Tucker, the Urdu poet Faiyaz Hashmi collude to bring time to a standstill.

Faiyaz Hashmi’s innate genius is on display here:  taking what appear to be commonplace words and infusing them with extraordinary depth of meaning.

Shankar Tucker is an American jazz clarinetist who has successfully crossed genres:  Western and Indian.  That’s no easy feat considering the fact that Western jazz accords an unrestricted freedom and Indian classical music has it’s incredible but inspiring restrictions! An accomplished Hindustani and Carnatic musician, he studied under the classical Hindustani bamboo flutist Pundit Hariprasad Chaurasia.  Shankar calls Chennai home, but is globally popular for his YouTube videos at ShrutiBox, and locally much sought after by his India fans during his India tours.

Yes, he loves the Kolavari song, especially the nadaswaram piece and mimics it “pa pa pa pam” with a smile.  Cross over artist, he must be!


आज जाने की ज़िद न करो
यूं ही पहलू में बैठे रहो
हाय मर जायेंगे हम तो लुट जायेंगे
ऐसी बातें किया न करो

Do not leave me
Come, stay by my side
I think I’ll die, or be lost, if
you insist on leaving me tonight

तुम ही सोचो ज़रा क्यूँ न रोके तुम्हें
जान जाती है जब उठके जाते हो तुम
तुम को अपनी क़सम जान-ऐ-जान
बात इतनी मेरी मान लो

Think for a moment
Why wouldn’t I stop you? Because,
every time you leave me, I am left lifeless
Listen to this one request of mine,
Don’t insist on leaving me tonight

वक़्त की क़ैद में ज़िंदगी है मगर
चन्द घड़ियाँ यही हैं जो आज़ाद हैं
इन को खो कर मेरी जान-ऐ-जान
उम्र भर न तरसते रहो

Our lives are trapped, in time’s prison
We discover within it, a few precious moments;
Squandering away the time we could have spent together,
You may come to regret it, your entire life
Don’t insist on leaving me tonight

कितना मासूम-ओ-रंगीन है ये सम्मा
हुस्न और इश्क की आज मैय्राज है
कल की किस को खबर जान-ऐ-जान
रोक लो आज की रात को

How innocent and colorful is the weather,
Is it not the reign of beauty and love?
Who knows what tomorrow will bring?
Let this night last forever

You are correct and it’s no mistake.  Shankar left out the last paragraph of Hashmi’s poem in the interest of meeting YouTube restrictions over time!

If the above was modern, then here is the original classic sung by “Malika-e-Ghazal” (Queen of Ghazal): The iconic Ghazal singer from Pakistan, Farida Khanum’s rendition of this song that she is most associated with:

I dedicate this hauntingly melancholic song to Pakistan’s brave daughter, Malala Yousafzai. I pray that we learn to protect our sons and daughters from ourselves. – Nov 10, ’12, Malala Day for Girls Education, UN

[the handprints on the wall are for good luck]

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