Nagumomu – Your smiling face

In Music on November 11, 2012 at 9:18 pm

nagu-mōmu kanalēni nā jāli telisi
nanu brōvaga rādā śrī raghuvara nī

Knowing my sorry plight of being unable to see your charming face with a smile,
can’t you save me, Supreme among Raghus, O Rama!

naga-rājadhara nīdu parivārulu ella
ogi bōdhana cēsē-vāralu gārē iṭula uṇḍudurē

O Bearer of the great Govardhana  mountain! Isn’t there anyone in your retinue
to correctly advise you of your daily engagements? Why are they like this?

khagarāju nī ānati vini vēga canalēdō
gaganāniki ilaku bahu dūrambu anināḍō
jagamu ēlē paramātma evaritō moralu iḍudu
vaga cūpaku tāḷanu nannu ēlukōra
tyāgarājanuta nī

Eeven after hearing your order, Garuda did not execute your commands expeditiously?
Could he have excused himself saying that he was far from earth in VaikuNTha, your heavenly abode?
Exalted Lord! Ruler of the Universe! To whom else can I appeal?
I can’t bear it if you disregard me. Take me under your fold,
One praised by Tyagaraja!

I love this song!  This was the theme song played by the nadaswaram troupe during my wedding.  Set to the the Carnatic Abheri raga (Bhimpalasi in Hindustani), this here is a fusion rendition by Karthik and then a Canadian Band “Phatwave”  singer Aathirai Sivapalan in the second interpretation.  Fabulous!  I include the lyrics, because I had no clue what it meant when I fell in love with Nagumomu and Abheri


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