Ardh Satya – by Dilip Chitre, narrated by Om Puri

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This is a poem from one of my favorite movies – Ardh Satya (Half Truth).  The poem in Hindi is by the poet Dilip Chitre.  Here it is narrated by the protagonist of the movie – Om Puri.  His gravelly voice lends this poem it’s unique character.  For me, the poem and it’s narrator make for an unforgettable composition.  So here is Om Puri narrating Ardh Satya:

Ardh Satya – Half-truth

Chakravyuh mein ghusne se pehle,
kaun tha mein aur kaisa tha,
yeh mujhe yaad hi na rahega.

Before I entered this maze,
Who was I?
I will not remember.

Chakravyuh mein ghusne ke baad,
mere aur chakravyuh ke beech,
sirf ek jaanleva nikat’ta thi,
iska mujhe pata hi na chalega.

After I entered the war-maze,
there was a life-threatening
proximity between the enemy and me.
I will never come to realize this.

Chakravyuh se nikalne ke baad,
main mukt ho jaoon bhale hi,
phir bhi chakravyuh ki rachna mein
farq hi na padega.

Even if I earn my freedom,
and get out of this maze alive,
it will make absolutely no difference to the maze itself.

Marun ya maarun,
maara jaoon ya jaan se maardun.
iska faisla kabhi na ho paayega.

While within this maze,
to die or to kill,
to be killed, or to take someone’s life,
can never be fairly judged

Soya hua aadmi jab
neend se uthkar chalna shuru karta hai,
tab sapnon ka sansar use,
dobara dikh hi na paayega.

When a man awakens from his slumber,
and starts to walk again,
he relinquishes his world of comfortable dreams.

Us roshni mein jo nirnay ki roshni hai
sab kuchh s’maan hoga kya?

In that light of wakefulness which illuminates his choices,
will there be fair and equal justice?

Ek palde mein napunsakta,
ek palde mein paurush,
aur theek taraazu ke kaante par
ardh satya.

Balancing impotence, on one side of the scale,
with manhood, on the other,
the needle of this perfect balance points us
to a half-truth



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