Goan Sausage Kati Roll

In Food on February 3, 2013 at 12:29 pm

kati roll 101

My daughter loves my cooking. Only because it is usually experimental stuff and the exitement is in waiting to see how the dish turned out! Some consolation if it actually turns out good. So I made her Sunday breakfast – Kati Roll with Kulcha and Goan Sausage.

Here is a small variation to the famous kati roll of Calcutta. Instead of the Sheek-kebab, I substituted it with some Goan sausage. The Goan sausage at my local meat mart is usually very spicy so I use regular sausage to blunt the effect. Use them half and half for my recipe here.

Anardhana Sauce

Half cup pomegranate seeds, ground

two tablespoon honey

half a lime

quarter teaspoon of chat masala

The anardhana (pomegranate seed) softens up if you soak it overnight.  This is a souring agent and it has been losing it’s prominence in the Indian recipes, hence my reintroduction.  I have no clue how it is actually done and this is my experiment.  Mix everything and keep aside.  The best of this sauce is from Kati Zone, a kati roll franchise in Bangalore.  It’s their secret sauce, and I confess I cannot even claim to have reached the first rung to saucy heaven.

Yogurt sauce 

Half cup yogurt

small cucumber grated

Mix it up, keep aside.

I got some semi-baked kulchas from the neighborhood bakery counter of the Total Mall.  This flat bread has a semi-sweet yeasty good flavor that forms the basic flat bread to this roll.  Bake it for a few minutes till it picks up a tan.  Let cool outside the oven for a few minutes.  A teaspoon scoop of the sour pomegranate paste is spread on the kulcha.  Hold an aluminum foil in your left hand, place this kulcha on it, throw in the Goan sausage and fold it with the foil.  Wrap the aluminum foil so the ingredients are held tight.

Offer on a plate to a deserving candidate!  Awaiting feedback as she is not done with breakfast yet.  I think it turned out good.  Substitute sausage with potatoes and paneer or minced lamb and I am sure it will be equally yummy.  Kati roll rocks!


This guy appears to know more about it than me:

Anar Dana Chutney


Anar dana: 1 Cup
Raisins: 2 Tbsp
Vinegar or Lemon Juice: 1 Tbsp
Black Pepper: 1 Tsp
Cilantro (Hara Dhaniya): 1 Cup Chopped
Mint: Some leaves
Ginger: 1/2 inch
Green Chilli: 2-3
Salt to taste


  1. Soak anar dana over night.
  2. In a grinder add all the ingredients and grind them well.

Delicious anar dana chutney is ready. This is a great side dish, you can use it as a dip also.

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