The embrace

In Poem, Social on May 11, 2013 at 12:07 am


It’s tragic and at the same time beautiful.

Painful but liberating.

Personal and now public.

Disturbing but serene.

Dead but still life

To the unknown garment worker, you made known.

To all the dead, a memory.

For our contribution, a little guilt.

May you souls find peace and some rest.


  1. The photograph
  2. The post at PRI
  3. In a recent interaction with the photographer – Taslima Akhter:
    @Taslima, – On behalf of all of us here, our deepest condolences for the loss of your fellow citizens.

    there is an intense human need to know how the two people in your picture are related. At the same time the unknown relationship lends a tragic anonymity that maybe is important to maintain the picture as representative of all the garment workers that perished on that fateful day, not just representing a personal tragedy.

    As a photographer, were you criticized for having made this private moment public? If so what was your response?

    Taslima Akhter @Peter Thanks for your comment . I don’t know what is the relation between them or who they are. .Actually I don’t think it’s a private moment, I think they tried to save each other , when the collapse happened. Our owner, govt and international buyer all are responsible for this death. And they try to make workers as object who can make profit for them, But I think this image can speak that they are not ‘other’, they are human being like all of us. They are not only object or cheapest labor in the world they are human being, they have life-relatives- dream like us which are precious …



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