Karma’s chameleon

In Poem, Writing Assignments on June 8, 2013 at 9:34 pm





I’m karma’s chameleon
Dictator of melanins
Commander of colors

I’m a spatial creature
I decide what’s up
I decide what’s down

What’s normal,
What’s usual,
I view upside

Hold my head high
or even down low,
Face adversaries
at very odd angles

Heady plume
Burning red.
Like a Roman soldier,
I go to battle

I cock my head
To a bold
New angle

That gentle sway
Of extinct forbears
Amplifies my threat
To T-Rex’s

I am karma’s chameleon,
Recycled patterns
Of greater ships
Riding times’s arrow
Piercing rainbows

I drop from the sky
On terrains not envisioned
By marksman
Or me


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