A snail’s pace

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Snails speak in
eloquent silence

They are at home
With themselves;

Loud chatter
Of silent thoughts

Echo within
their mollusk shells

Are they slithering
Towards something?
Or even away from it?

What does it matter
When they wear a home
As loose and
Easy jacket?

They are not too different
from the water lilies
The pond too,

The noiseless ones are there
To tell us something,
There’s vigor
In a silent hue:

Creation’s hum
Barely heard,
Leaves behind
A slimy wake


I need to master this art
To quite down, to go easy
And to be at home
For my own sake

This snail sparks courage
As I stand speechless,

A squirrel darts hurriedly
Between the snail and me,
Ruffling dead leaves


  1. This poem is directly inspired by an iconic poem by Robert Frost : Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening. The squirrel here, represents the horse that gives the harness bells a shake, to ask if there is some mistake.


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  1. Another beautiful poetry!

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